For a lot of men, hiring an image consultant is new territory. I've listed a lot of common questions I receive from clients below to help make sense of the services offered. If you still have a question, feel free to contact me.

+ Am I a good candidate for an image consultation?

Honestly, most guys could use a little help with their image. This doesn't necessarily mean most guys need a consultation. The only way to really know is to ask someone. If you need an idea, you can always contact me for a free assessment to determine if you're a good candidate. If there's not a lot you need, I'll just give you a quick tip or two and we can part ways.

I work with all types of men, but I don't take everyone. The one thing I require of clients is that they are open to a bit of change, able to make the adjustments, and are receptive to constructive feedback. I will never push you into something you strongly dislike, and I will always give you a reason why I'm choosing an item for you.

To sum it up, reach out and let's see what you might be able to do to imporove.

+ Can you teach me how to dress so I won’t need you when I'm shopping?

Throughout the consultation, I discuss with you why certain items work for you and why other don't. You'll see in real-time which colors, fits, and brands work well for you and why. So in addition to the personal shopping aspect, you're basically getting a long form class on your personal style. We also spend a good amount of time before the shopping going over education materials to help you understand what we're looking for. As for the Virtual consultation, it's basically a masterclass in your personal style.

+ What does a online consultation with you look like?

Once you send me all the requested pictures and questionaire, I get to work on your consultation, prepping for our session. We meet during your scheduled time on Skype for 60 minutes (but we ususually go over on time), discussing everything about your apperance goals starting from head to toe. Hairstyle, facial hair, skincare, color, dressing your body, brands, and a shopping list are all included. Afterward, you get a cheat sheet of notes, a recording of your session, and unlimited email support for two weeks.

+ What does a in-person consultation with you look like?

We meet at your place to begin our day. We start by going over educational materials and you'll receive a packet of information designed for you and your goals. We then go through your closet. I'll have you try on some items and we'll see what we can keep, what we need to donate, and what can possibly be tailored. Then we head out to do some shopping together, hitting the stores that will work best for your style and budget. After a lengthy shopping session, we head back to your place to put all your items together and style a few outfits. I'll also have you style a few yourself to make sure you know what to do once I'm gone. I'll take your items to a donation center which you'll receive a tax write off for. A couple days later, you'll receive a large PDF summary I created for you that covers everything we did during the consultation, color analysis, links to external products, etc. that you can use when you're shopping alone or styling an outfit. After all that, you're family. Feel free to reach out afterwards if you have any questions or just want to say hello.

+ What's the cost?

I'm very upfront with my pricing. It's structured only according to each package, meaning there are no hidden or extra fees, meaning if we go over on time, you won't be charged. Right now, the online session is $297, the coaching program is $597, and in-person work starts at $1197. Nearly every client that has come out of these sessions has remarked that they got so much more than what they paid for. I've posted some of their responses here.

+ What about travel?

We're located in Scottsdale, AZ. A place well know for it's high-end fashion and luxurious resorts. It's a great place to come for a quick style vacation.I am also happy to travel to you for a consultation. This works out well for men who might be too busy to travel themselves or men who just want the convenience of staying in their area. Please note there is an added cost for both hotel and flight. Travel options are not offered for the half-day package.

+ Can I bring a friend, partner, or spouse to my session?

Unfortunately, no. I want to make your consultation as beneficial as possible for you. I value the 1:1 time we spend together so I can be completely focused on you. Friends tend to hinder this process. Spouses and girlfriends will often judge your clothing based on what is attractive to them, not necessarily by what looks best on you. This isn’t always the case, but we’re trying to avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen.

+ What is your payment policy?

All payment is required upfront before any service. This allows me to lock down your scheduled consultation date and begin working on your session right away before we meet. There are no exceptions to this. There is also no charge if you need to reschedule. There is a 100% money back guarantee associated with every consultation. However, travel cost and product purchases cannot be refunded. You are responsible for all clothing and product purchases we make while shopping together.

+ Do you have a waitlist? How much notice do you need?

In-person consultations tend to book up quickly. I also do a lot of prep work before we actually meet to make sure we're efficient during your session. In-person consultations need to be booked out usually 2-3 weeks in advance. Online consultations are a more flexible and can usually be scheduled within the week they are booked.

+ I only need a few hours. Do you offer other rates?

Yes, for online only. All in-person sessions should be set up specifically with a package in mind. This makes sure we are both on the same page about the type of work we'll be doing together. Contact me directly to set up hourly rates.

+ How much will I need to budget for an in-person consultation?

This depends on your needs and what we need to replace. If you're not looking for designer brands, we can get you a new look for less than you might think. I'll advise you on a projected budget once I learn more about your needs. For a smaller wardrobe, you'll need a budget at a minimum of $1000. For a larger core wardrobe, budget around $2000-4000. Remember that this can be spread out over time if you're doing an online consultation.

+ Do we shop online?

Yes. I try to get you everything you need while we're out shopping together, but there might be a few items that we need to buy online if a store doesn't carry a particular item, or if we're looking for a more niche brand. After your consultation, you get a large PDF summary of everything we covered. In this PDF there are also links to more items you can purchase online that I have signed off on. For both online an in-person clients, I recomend shopping in-store when possible.

+ What will I look like afterward?

This depends completely on what you want to get from your consultation. There is no "one-size-fits-all" look and I can't stress that enough. My goal is to let your personality and strengths shine through with the way you dress. It's your personal style. That's why I'm so thorough in our interactions. I want to give you a look and feel that isn't going to be a departure from your personality. This creates a supporting congruency that people like to see.

+ How long will it take?

This depends on which package you purchased and what your goals are. Generally, the half day takes 5-6 hours. The full day takes 9-11 hours. This might seem like a lot of time, but it’s necessary in giving you a change that will actually last. If you want more detailed time and would like to split up the sessions, the two-day package is your best bet.

+ What about privacy? Will I remain anonymous?

I pride myself on taking my client's privacy very seriously. We don't plaster photos of you all over the internet to make my services look good. Other than the way you look, no one will know you used the service.

+ Do you help women?

No, sorry. In order to provide the absolute best service, I focus specifically on dealing with men. This allows me to take an objective, evidence based approach to your image and deliver very focused results. If you are a woman and need some help, I can recommend other reputable consultants for you to work with.

+ Do you do speaking engagements?

On occasion, yes. Since my expertise is focused only on men, it allows me to deliver very detailed advice to male audiences. However, I do speak to corporations with both balanced male and female staff since the principles of appearance and dressing well work universally. Please reach out directly for inquiries.

+ Do you do media interviews?

Yes. I'm happy to make time to speak to the press, contribute thoughts to publications, or speak on a panel. Please reach out directly for inquiries.

+ Do you do editorial styling?

On occasion, yes. I primarily focus on personal styling, but I am open to all editorial work in inquires. Please reach out directly for inquiries.