We're all about bettering men's lives by improving the way they look and feel.

We cover all aspects of style, grooming and dating through our uniquely personalized image consulting service.

Pivot, personal image consultant

What we do for you.

Hiring an outside image consultant to handle your transformation allows you to gain educated perspectives you couldn't get on your own. There is a lot of watered down advice on the internet about how to become attractive. We're the real deal. We give you straight talk answers to your problems and guide you through solving them, either in-person, or online.

The passion for our field shines through our work with each and every one of our clients. We guarantee this with 100% money back if for whatever reason you're not totally happy and transformed by our services. 

How we can help.



  • Haircut services and a style that compliments you

  • Concealing bald spots and tricks for full hair

  • Cosmetic surgery options

  • Facial hair grooming and mapping to frame your best features

  • Skincare and facials

  • Eyebrow shaping and clean up

  • Tricks and tips for an attractive face

  • Teeth whitening

  • Body hair issues



  • Choosing eyewear for your face shape 

  • Wardrobe refresh

  • Garment maintenance and care

  • How to look taller

  • Learning what works for your body type and lifestlye

  • Personal shopping for new clothing and accessories 

  • Choosing stores, brands and fits that are right for you

  • Personal measurements for tailoring

  • Color analysis



  • Writing custom fitness plans

  • Personal training session

  • Setting strength and weight loss goals 

  • Vitamin supplementation

  • Weight loss coaching



  • Online dating profile creation

  • Professional photography 

  • Cleaning up social media accounts

  • How to make friends

  • How to get others to like you

  • How to hold a conversation

  • How to approach women

  • How to speak in public

  • Manners and etiquette 

  • How to dress for social occasions

  • Dating behavior and how to have successful dates

  • How to be a gentleman