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 “I purchased the one hour online consultation with Patrick. One hour may not sound like a long time, but it is important to know that he does a tremendous amount of analysis prior to the call. Because of this, Patrick conveys his advice for improving your style and grooming effectively during the consultation. Patrick was very patient when I was experiencing technical difficulties on the call.

The value that I got from our consultation far exceeds the price of the consultation. Had I not done the consultation, I would have undoubtedly misspent that money and would not have made any material progress on upgrading my style. Since our consultation I have been able to make principled decisions about my clothing and grooming related purchases. My female friends and coworkers have complimented me on my style choices.

As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on conferences, seminars and workshops, this is definitely the best purchase I've made to improve myself. When you start making material progress with upgrading your style, it improves other aspects of your life because you are looking and feeling good about yourself.

If you are considering purchasing any of his services, I highly recommend that you do!”
-Gen. O

“Great consultation, full of customized information to help me look my best. Excellent customer service in evaluating customers' new outfits to help implement the advice from the consultation as well! Recommended for men who are not sure how to look their best and don't want to waste time and money shopping for outfits that don't work.”
-Jason L.

“Patrick's mastery of the aesthetic principles of style is exemplary. He uses the tools of facial and color analysis to identify each client's unique style profile and offers specific recommendations for developing a personal style that elevates and enhances each person. Moreover, Patrick's personal approach and attentiveness to the individual needs of each client makes his service invaluable. You will definitely receive more value than you pay for, which is a refreshing alternative to a marketplace replete with cheap products and hyper-monetized services. Schedule a consultation with Pivot Image Consulting; you will not regret it.”
-John M.

“Patrick puts in the time and hard work in advance then arrives at the first meeting prepared and ready to roll. He shares his extensive knowledge in a thoughtful way taking into account all available information. Highly recommended.”
-Steven J.

“Patrick far exceeded my expectations, and I could not be more pleased with the services he provided.

I opted for the 2 day session in Scottsdale. From start to finish, Patrick was 100% focused on my needs, from reviewing my existing wardrobe and providing feedback on what works and what doesn't and why, to an in-depth review of skin / body / facial profiles, to a color analysis, strategies around what types of clothes will work best, facial hair, eyeglasses, shoes... He covered it all.

Patrick knows all the best places to but clothes, and it was a fast paced session of popping into each store, finding options, trying things on, and buying what worked. The best shopping experience I've ever had, and the longest. It was very productive.

He focused on skin and facial hair on the second day, and we did a bit more shopping. With each step, Patrick explained what we were looking for and why those items worked for me. Who knew the difference properly fitting and right colored clothes could make?

Patrick asked me what my shipping budget was, and we came in under that amount. He knows of some great consignment stores which really helped save money while getting awesome clothes.

There was so much more I could say. All if what he promised on his site was real. I now feel much better equipped to maintain my image, all thanks to Pivot. I highly recommend this.”
-Ken R.

“Patrick did a great job! He gave me some ideas & several "tweaks" that made a big difference. I could tell he prepared well for the meeting & the recap afterwards was very thorough & helpful. I highly recommend!”
-Steve L.

“I opted for the 60-minute consultation. I am very impressed with his attention to detail, humor, and directness. Some suggestions were a surprise to me but make perfect sense. I will probably schedule another consultation in a few months to do a bit of fine-tuning.”
-GB L.

“I did a one day consultation with Patrick and had a great experience. He put a ton of effort into understanding what I wanted to get out of our consultation, and was flexible and extremely knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to others.”
-Ben D.

“I am pleased to say i had a great experience with Patrick. At a basic level, his experience and expertise in this field shows, but more importantly, all services are personalized to the costumer. Be it personal branding for an individual or business, Pivot Image consulting is second to none in my books. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
-Camille T.

“This guy knows his stuff and gets it done. I have never shopped that much and done so well. The pace moves quickly as you get everything you need and are constantly hearing tips/tricks along the way. But, no worries, because he sends an extensive email that has everything you talked about (seriously, the whole email is personalized). He listens to you and helps you get into classy styles that still match your personality. In short, use this guy. I don't think you will find better.”
-Brandon M.

“PIVOT Image Consulting has opened my eyes with a whole new clarity when it comes to understanding personal image and buying anything for myself. I knew I had made mistakes in style in the past but I didn't realize just how much! It's awesome to now be able to go back to old photo's and see immediately what wasn't working for me and why, able to never make those mistakes again. From hairstyle and coloring, grooming, facial hair styling, fashion, colors that work for me, fit, shoes, eye-wear for my face shape, everything was covered. Patrick's approach is direct and he teaches you insight rather than just telling you what will/won't work so you can apply the knowledge confidently for yourself going forward. He really knows his stuff! Patrick is amazingly thorough and far exceeded any expectations I had. With the amount we spend on clothing, accessories and grooming it makes sense to make sure every purchase is working it's best for us! PIVOT is an affordable investment in yourself for life-long results - that is true value for money!”
-Nathan R.

“Awesome experience that was personally driven for me and my needs as a guy. Comprehensive head to toe specific recommendations. Great price. He probably should charge more.”
-Dr. Michael B.

“I can't say enough great things about Patrick at Pivot Image. I found him after doing a google search needing to spiff up my image in mid-life. He was professional from inquiry to full virtual consultation. He exceeded my expectations because unlike getting advice from women, he's a guy and understands the male body, and what's important and unimportant when fine tuning our image and appearance. His education is far reaching on guy's style, image and focus - just YouTube his interviews. After submitting photos of myself, he told me what worked and what could be improved - zooming into the details that would make the difference. I came away from our session wishing I had recorded it, but the follow up report he sends has everything we discussed, and he allows for follow up questions after the consultation. He provided so much value for the cost that unless I change my look drastically, the consultation will last a lifetime! Working with Patrick I felt like he was on my side the whole time, interested in helping, answering every question and the best image consultant I've worked with and I've worked earlier in life with a few. If you are curious he offers a consultation call to answer question before booking the service. Thank you Patrick. You are my go to guy and I appreciate your blog!
-Chris M.

“Had a great experience with Patrick. I found him on online and didn't know what to expect, but he did a great job. He spends a lot of time preparing and answers every question that you have. He gives great insight and I will definitely be using his services again.”
-Stephen F.

“I did the coaching program with Patrick for two months, and I cannot stress enough how awesome this program was, and what a great experience it was working with Patrick. From the very first consulting session, I knew that I was speaking to a man who had done his research, has exceptional attention to detail, and who will work hard for me. I asked way more questions than I had a right to, and he was always responsive, courteous, and insightful. Over these last two months I would say that I've seriously upgraded my eye for detail and overall style to a level that I never would have achieved had I done it solo. 

Simply put, Patrick is worth every penny. There's no doubt in my mind that I would love to work together again with Patrick in the future, and I would highly, highly recommend anyone who is on the fence to improve your life by doing so, also.”
-Cory P.

“Spent a full-day in-person. Fantastic experience, exactly what I was looking for and exceeded expectations. As a very tall guy, he pulled it all together like a pro. Thank you Patrick!”
-Shannon B.

“I took the 1 Day turnaround package with Patrick. It was an absolutely amazing experience working with Patrick. I recommend spending at least a day with to learn as much as possible, he knows a lot of stuff starting from dressing to skin care to laundry. He also kept asking me questions about myself and kept giving me lot of tips on improving myself. I will definitely work with him again.”
-Arjun R.

“Can't say enough good things about Patrick and his image consulting service.

- He has a variety of "packages" to accommodate your budget. I myself went for the 1-hour online session, including a Skype conversation, follow-up emails and a PDF of everything that was gone over in the session.

- It might not sound like much can be accomplished in an hour, but believe me, with Patrick, almost every minute was value-packed and impactful. We went through every item he promised in his offerings, from skin-tone matching of colors, to the do's and don't's existing in my current wardrobe, to personalized item-by-item recommendations what to buy, right down to what store to buy them in to fit my budget.

- We also went in-depth on accessorizing, grooming, and proper maintenance/care of clothing so I can finally INVEST in the right items and have them last.

- I was so excited by my results, within a day or so I was sending Patrick screenshots of texts I was being sent by women who knew me and would see me, letting me know how good I looked after they'd run into me out and about. This was directly because of Patrick working with me and getting my game up.

To me, it's like any other professional you need to engage as you grow and mature. Your tax situation gets complex, you want to retain a CPA to help handle your books. You encounter a tough - or rewarding - legal situation, you'll want a solid, competent attorney on your team. This is no different; when you're ready to truly sharpen your style and change how you perceive yourself and others perceive you, you "retain" Pivot.

Based off of what our hour Skype session and followup conversations have done for me, my confidence, my appearance to others...I can't recommend Patrick's services enough, and will continue to engage him as I keep on this track.”
-John W.

“Patrick was super fun to work with. I did the in-person consultation and learned more about style in one day of shopping with him than I have learned in years of trying to figure things out solo by reading online.

Patrick was able to teach me the really important things that all the blogs and magazines missed. I learned about which colors work for me (dark) based on my skin tone and hair color. I learned that wearing shirts with collars makes me appear a lot more muscular and proportional. Patrick also helped me develop a strong understanding of my personal sense of rugged/classic style.

I now have a solid wardrobe of foundational pieces that mix and match effortlessly. Although we only bought about twenty items and spent just half of my budget, I feel like I have endless outfits to choose from. If I didn't hire Patrick I would have spent way more money and ended up with a bunch of clothes I'd never end up wearing.

The best part is Patrick didn't just tell me what to buy. Instead, he taught me how to shop, curate my own style, and put together really smart outfits. I get really excited about my clothing now. In the past, I had surrendered to just wearing the same t-shirts and jeans, and feeling really boring all the time.

Finally, Patrick is just a really nice guy. I had a lot of fun talking to him about life, style, relationships, and business. He has a great sense of hospitality and really shows that he cares about your experience.

I'm really glad I invested this. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking his style to the next level!”
-Patrick H.

“If you think you dress well and want to up your game or if you have don't know where to start with improving your appearance Pivot Imaging should be the first place to start this journey. The amount of information that I received from Patrick during the online consultation was phenomenal and I would have never got such personalized advice if I researched on my own. The advice about ways to enhance facial appearance to the color and style of clothes and shoes to wear is par excellence. No matter how old or young you are or how good or bad you think you appear in society Pivot imaging will give you no nonsense succinctly packaged positive information you deserve to know.”


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