What Does a Men's Image Consultant Do?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what an image consultant or personal stylist does, this post is for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what an image consultant or personal stylist does, this post is for you.

So I run into this question from time to time. "What is it you do?" and it's kind of hard to fully define. I tell people I'm an image consultant and I get responses like "Oh so you're in PR"...

Sort of. 


"So you're like Hitch?"...

Sort of. 

To help clear up some confusion, here is my attempt at telling you what it is I actually do and my consultation process.

The job of any consultant is to provide expertise and insight, professionally.

I give you insight into your image and show you how you're being perceived by others and ways we can make improvements to present yourself in the best way possible. I generally break this up into a three-part process.

Just like any other consultant in any other field, part one is to assess where your client currently stands.

Part 1

Where can I make improvements for you right off the bat? Are all your pants too loose? Are you wearing colors that don't work for your complexion? Is your hair styled in a way that compliments your face shape? Is your beard out of control? etc. These are the things I work on initially. The general checklist of stuff that cannot be overlooked.  

After that it get's a little more detailed. In part two I run a series of tests on your appearance.

Part 2

I do a facial analysis to determine both strong and weak features you have. This test is based upon facial symmetry. Is your face too long or wide? We can offset those with particular hairstyle. Weak chin? We can disguise this with certain types of facial hair. The list goes on and on and you can pretty much emphasize or deemphasize anything with the right grooming techniques. 

Then comes a color analysis. I use software that looks at colors from your eyes, skin, and hair to determine the colors that will work best for you. What is your best accessory color? Best "pop" colors? Best metals? Best neutrals? etc. 

Part 3

Part three gets more individualized. I always try to get to know the guys I'm working with very well. I want to know your aspirations and goals. I need to know where you're at in life and where you want to be. Are you looking to get back into dating? Looking to get a promotion or ace a job interview? Look great on camera or during presentations? This all factors into the final product.

For example, if a guy is trying to get back on the dating market, I'll take everything we worked on in part 1 and 2 and then tailor it into getting more responses for women. Things like showing more skin, utilizing more of his pop colors, and making him appear more sexualized. We would spend time on his dating profiles as well, making sure his bio and pictures are working for him. 

If instead a guy was looking at becoming a great public speaker, I would take the work from part 1 and 2 and tailor it to appearing more professional and credible. We would still be utilizing the data from earlier, but just packaging it differently. Dressing him in colors that look great on him but covey more power, giving him clothing items that make him appear more credible and age appropriate, etc.

It's not just about getting a guy stuff that looks good on him. It's about tailoring those items around his lifestyle and his goals so that he feels self-confident and the rest of the world perceives him in the light he would like to be seen. 

That's really what I do. I give guys the edge they need to bring themselves to the next level.  

There’s a lot more that goes into it, as the guys who work with me will attest to. This should give you a good overview though. I should also note that every image consultant is different and my process will differ from the next and so on.

Now that you've seen how the process works,