The Quick and Easy Way To Improve Your Appearance



Get an online image consultation from the comfort of your home. We go over the same topics we would cover with an in-person consultation but in a more condensed format. A few days before our online consultation, I'll give you an initial assessment via email and we'll chat back and forth to determine what you want most from of our services. Based upon that, we structure our call around the things most important to you, whether that's getting you a new hairstyle, working on a fitness plan, or revamping your closet or dating profile, we will cover as much as possible in our time together. 




60 Min | Virtual Consultation

This package is great for a more in-depth session. We can discuss any areas of your image that you'd like to improve and I'll give you detailed advice on how you can enhance your appearance. We will exchange a few emails beforehand to discuss your session. We can discuss any topics you'd lik but a general session will cover the following:

You'll Receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of your appearance before your session.
  • One 60-minute Skype call.
  • A wardrobe audit to identify problem areas.
  • A color analysis to find your best colors.
  • Advice on enhancing grooming & style problem areas.
  • Grooming tips & tricks that will work for you.
  • A personalized shopping list.
  • A detailed summary email with product links, other resources and a futher plan of actioion. 
  • Unlimited Email support for 2 weeks. 
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Pre-Date Consultation
57.00 77.00

A little nervous before a big date? Not sure what to wear or what to say? No worries, we got you covered. You spend money on drinks, dinner and valet, why wouldn't you invest in your apperance to make it all worthwhile? I'll make sure you look your best by giving you image suggestions for the evening. I'll also help you plan your night out and give you some tricks on what to say and do in order to have a fun and successful date.

You'll Receive:

  • One 30-minute Skype call from me where we discuss everything you need to make your date a success.
  • A customized plan for exactly what to wear to look your best.
  • Tips on how to style your hair, groom yourself, choose the right cologne, pick the right spot for your date, and so much more.
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30 Min | Virtual Consultation

This quick consultation is great if you want to focus on a specific area of your image. This package is perfect if you're looking for some help with a new haircut, fresh clothing choices, reworking a dating profile, etc. Before the call we'll exchange a couple emails to outline our session. We can discuss any topics you'd like to cover, but a general session covers the following.

You'll Receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of your appearance before your session.
  • One 30 minute Skype call.
  • Color analysis.
  • Advice on what grooming techniques and clothing will look best on you.
  • Tips and tricks to appear more attractive.
  • A personalized shopping list.
  • A detailed plan of action following your session.
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1 on 1 Image Coaching (Monthly)

Need a little more long term image consultation? No problem. With this package you get a free 30-minute initial consultation ($97 Value) where we discuss your goals and all the areas we need to improve. Then we formulate a long-term plan of action together that we will refer back to throughout our time together. Price listed is per-month.

You'll receive:

  • 1 free initial consultation ($97 value).
  • A detailed plan of your image goals and a strategy to meet them.
  • 2 one-hour Skype calls per month.
  • Weekly assignments to help improve your apperance.
  • Personalized shopping lists.
  • Unlimited E-mail support for any questions that may arise.
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