1 Day | In Person Consultation


1 Day | In Person Consultation


Our most popular in-person service. This package is perfect for the guy who knows he needs a change. We go in-depth to provide you a detailed makeover with lasting results. The 1-day package includes dating and fitness aspects not included in the .5 day package, as well as some free gifts.

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The Full Day Makeover is perfect for the guy who wants a more detailed package with personalized results. This is the greatest way to give your image a boost. We start from the top down, working on any obvious problem areas as well as going into areas you'd like us to focus on. I'm here for you from start to finish.

Before We Start
We'll have an initial consultation via Skype, or Phone/Email to get us started. We'll discuss what you want most from the service, as well as your personal style, your shopping budget, etc. then come up with a comprehensive plan of action for our time together, based on our conversation.

During Our Time Together
This may vary depending on the amount of time we have and what you want out of your consultation. Generally we meet up during the morning and discuss the days plans over coffee. Then we start from the top down. You're off to get a fresh haircut and style from one of our chosen stylists. We then work on skincare, grooming and facial hair styles that work for your face shape. A short facial will do you some great. 
We then go into our shopping and wardrobe portion of the day. After taking some measurements and having a look through your closet, were off to the stores. We work within your budget to create looks you'll feel confident wearing. We'll grab anything you need as well as items that will work well with stuff you already own.
After all that we head back to go over the day's take. We make final touches and go over styling your new stuff. We'll talk about laundry and care as well so you can keep good care of your purchases.
Once were done, we hit the gym to talk fitness routines. Maybe you're already in great shape or maybe you really need some work, either way we can have a workout and talk about what routines work best for you.
After a good workout we head to dinner to discuss the day and chat about your love life. This part of the day proves to be extremely insightful for clients. Weather your married, in a relationship, or totally single, we discuss ways to really improve your game.  

After I leave
And just like that you're a brand new gentleman! You'll be feeling more confident, and looking better than ever. 24-48 hours after I leave you can expect a detailed outline of everything we went over and a plan for your future improvement. Expect another couples emails down the road to check in and make sure you haven't fallen off the wagon. The 1 day package also includes some free gifts sent your way after all the fun is over.

*Client is responsible for airfare, accommodations and all purchases.