Hi, I'm Patrick...

I help guys become more attractive by guiding them through becoming both socially and physically attractive, developing them into alluring gentlemen. 

Growing up, I wasn't an attractive kid and as any unattractive kid will tell you, school was rough.
Better guys were invited to cooler parties, had more friends, and dated better girls. I realized at a young age how important a guy's image is to his success, regardless of what others told me.

"Just be yourself" was the common mantra among teachers and mothers back then, but if you're not happy with "yourself", that saying does you little good. I wanted better things from life and realized that how I look and acted, mattered significantly. 

I became fascinated with every aspect of becoming a more attractive guy from the inside out, from style to culture. I consumed stacks of books and loads of information on whatever was available on men's style, fitness, etiquette, dating, etc. and there was lots of trial and error. I was probably the only freshman in high school who had subscriptions to GQ, Men's Health and Details magazine.

My passion for all of this continued through college where I chose to study human communication. I was hooked on the psychology of interpersonal relationships and the effects of non-verbal behavior such as how we dress and how being attractive can influence everything around you, even how much money you make.

During this time in college I became somewhat of an authority on all things men's grooming and style. Friends started coming to me for advice. I started doing friends hair. My buddies would take me shopping with them. I would get asked about what to wear on a first date. I would develop personal fitness plans for people. I would roll the boys shirt sleeves before we went for a guys night out. 

I loved it.

It was great to help other guys look and feel their best. That's what brought me the biggest sense of pride. I truly care about making people feel great about themselves.

And so today, after 10 years, that's still what I do best. I've written for and consulted on major men's media outlets, been used by matchmaking and dating services to improve their clients success rates, worked with best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs to help them connect with their audience, and most importantly have helped great guys better themselves from across the country, and that's exactly what I want for you.

I want you to look good and feel confident. But more than anything, I really want you to be happy with who you are.

          PAtrick kenger