New Books Made Just For You


I’ve locked myself in the office for a bit, hunkered down, squinting at a computer screen while consuming espresso.


For you, my dear friend.

It was time to do some housekeeping. If you’ve been here a while, you’ll notice that the site has undergone a slight makeover. It’s not all cosmetic either.

There is now a resources page that has compiled some of the best stuff in order to make things a bit easier to navigate. I’ve also written two new E-books and updated an old one.

I realized that many of the men I work with are doing so to become more attractive to women.


Whether my clients are single or married, they always express some interest in making sure they look good around woman. So, I’ve put together a guide to help dress you for your dates. Whether it’s your first date or your 500th, this guide can help you put together a great outfit no matter where you’re headed.


I’ve also written a guide to walk you through solving 25 of the most common style mistakes I see in practice. After years and years of working with guys, there are some mistakes that come up far too often.

Instead of charging you to go through simple mistakes, I’d rather you read this. Our time together during a consultation would be better spent focusing on more important topics.


You can find both of these books, along with other cool stuff on the resources page.