Q&A Pairing Socks, Belts vs. Suspenders & Tips for Thinning Hair


Well gents, it's that time again. Another round of Ask Pat, or "Questions and Cocktails" as we call it. 

I'm sweating profusely in this one due to a new lighting set up and a hot summer. Pardon my glimmer. 

This time around we're talking about:

  • How to pair your socks correctly with your outfit

  • What a "military hem" is

  • Suspenders vs. belts vs. side adjusters

  • Tips for thinning hair and receding hairlines

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How to Pair Your Socks with Your Outfit 

There are three ways you can go about doing this...

  1. Match your socks with your pants. This is probably the easiest option.

  2. Contrast the color of your outfit entirely. This is where those loud "fun" socks come in.

  3. Pick up a color from elsewhere on your outfit and match it - like a tie or pocket square.

The Military Hem

The military hem is a pretty common tailoring alteration to men's trousers. It essentially slants the bottom of your pants so that the front of the leg opening lays higher than the back. This helps the pants lay better as they break over the shoe. Go for a .5" to 1" slant. The higher the slant, the more work it is to tailor.

Suspenders vs. Belts

Belts just don't look that great with a full suit. Suspenders help keep everything seamless. A lot of men will also tell you wearing suspenders is more comfortable than wearing a belt and actually does a better job of keeping their pants up. 

For more casual suiting, say wearing a shirt with an open collar or wearing a blazer, just go with a belt. 

If you do choose to wear a belt with a suit, make sure it's nothing too chunky. It should be slim and sleek. It shouldn't contrast with the color of the pants heavily either. 

My favorite thing to do is forego both and instead opt for side-adjusters. I don't have to worry about matching the leather colors of the belt and shoes, and it keeps the look clean. 

Tips for Thinning Hair

Keep your hair shorter. The shorter your hair, the less visible the thinning will be. You don't want to look like you're sporting a combover. Specifically, keep the sides shorter than the top. The contrast in length will make the top look fuller by comparison. 

One of my favorite products to thicken up hair is Toppik. It's been a life-saver for many guys that I've worked with. Toppik is a keratin fiber powder that you shake into your hair. It attaches to the hair and makes it appear thicker. There are plenty of videos out there on how to apply it if you give it a shot. 

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