5 Fall Style Tips To Dress Better This Season


The fall fits are in full swing and men’s style has never been cooler. For menswear enthusiasts, it’s a time to rejoice. We can start to pull out some items we had long forgotten about, and start layering in some new pieces.

It’s a season where men can finally be creative with their clothing. Fall has that perfect in-between weather where you’re not bundled up, nor stripped down. It’s menswear’s favorite season.

Fall also separates the men from the boys. Any ol’ bro can pair cotton shorts with a cotton t-shirt during the summer. But when it’s time to dress for cooler weather, you get a lot of confused looking guys. There are so many textures, patterns, colors, and fabrics to play with, it can leave you confused.

Not to worry. Menswear is so nuanced that you only need a few things to get your wardrobe fall ready. Let’s talk about the five things you need to improve your cool weather style.

Get Into Darker Fall Colors

Nothing says fall like darker colors. The transition from the lighter colors of summer is a welcome one. I’m all set on the pastel board shorts and tank tops, thank you.

It’s time for earthy colors in warmer tones. Throw in some deeper browns, olive greens, and burgundy into your rotation. You only need a dash of these colors to give you an apt autumn appearance.

Throw In a Pair of Boots

This should be the first item you purchase when shopping for your fall fits if you don't have a pair already. Depending on the style of boot, they can play that middle ground between casual and classy perfectly. They’re not quite a hightop sneaker, and not quite a derby.

You can also pair them up or down, wearing them with anything from a t-shirt to a blazer. Because they are so versatile, I recommend them to men I work with a lot who are looking for a minimal wardrobe. They set you apart and ease you into autumn.

There are two brands I’m always sweet on. Clark’s and Redwing. One of my favorites is the Clark’s Desert Boot, although it’s already reached peak popularity. If you’ve never owned a chukka boot, it’s your entry point. Redwing gives you a lot of options, but they’re pricier than Clarks. Both are iconic heritage brands that produce great shoes.

Get them in a shade of brown. It’s fall after all. Suede is a nice touch too.

Work With the Right Fabrics

It’s time for thicker fabrics with rugged texture. The great thing about fall is the availability of these different fabrics and the magical way they all seem to work together. Step away from the fabrics you’re used to and experience something new. We want to give your fall outfits some noticeable texture differences. So what fabrics should you be on the lookout for?

  • Denim

  • Tweed

  • Corduroy

  • Flannel

Sprinkle in a few items here and there. You don’t need a lot. Remember - just one or two fall looking pieces can transform your outfit.

Start Layering Your Looks

Instead of burrowing into the warmest jacket you can find, why not layer your outfit together? Achieve some style and stay warm. Since the color of your items all pair well, this should be easy to do.

It’s actually as easy as throwing a jacket over the shirt you’re wearing. You can keep adding layers until you’re satisfied. Try to diversify the fabrics of each layer to add dimension to your outfit.

Get One of These Jacket Styles

To layer appropriately, you’ll need a few extra garments to play with. Let’s finish off the look with a new jacket. Here are three popular fall styles that will get you going.

A Field Jacket (  APC  )

A Field Jacket (APC)

A Tweed Jacket (  Charles Tyrwhitt  )

A Tweed Jacket (Charles Tyrwhitt)

A Bomber Jacket (  YSL  )

A Bomber Jacket (YSL)

God bless fall.

And as always, if you need any help with your current season’s style, a one-on-one coaching session with me is a click away. Let’s have some fun. If you want to learn more before then, the free assessment was made for you - gain insight into your image like never before.