2018-2019 Menswear Trends To Try


Trends. Something that many of you know that I preach against religiously. Why? Because I see it go wrong so much.

For many men, paying attention to capital F fashion is something they have no interest in. It’s time consuming and expensive.

In reality, I don’t care if a piece of clothing is trendy or classic, it must do one thing…

Make you look good.

This rule always hold true for me no matter what. If you keep this in mind when you’re shopping no matter what item you’re looking for, you’ll do fine…

Every item of clothing you buy should make you look good.

It’s a simple rule but it works. Every item you have should be doing something for you.

The thing that has always confused me about trends is the fact that people pay crazy amounts of money to look bad. There are so many trendy items that do a great disservice to the male figure.

So are all trends bad? Of course not. But, you should stay away from trends until you’ve built out your staple wardrobe. If you’re dropping money on trendy purchases early on, you’re building the house with no foundation. You need staple pieces to anchor down any trends you attempt.

The beauty of these trends is that they are easy to pull off and can be sported by nearly any age group. Give at least one of these a try and see how you like it.


Corduroy is fantastic. It looks stylish without trying too hard and it’s comfortable. I’ve seen some corduroy jackets that I’m a huge fan of right now, but let's start at the bottom.

Get started: Get a pair of pants in a darker neutral color. Navy will work perfectly. Pair this with another darker color on top for a monochromatic look. The fabric of your pants will stand out just a bit, making for a uniquely stylish outfit.

Wider legs

This one is directed at you younger gents mainly. Hear me loud and clear: Skinny jeans are out. I’m happier to see a bit of a wider leg return. There is no reason men should suffocate to look fashionable. It’s hard watching men walk around in skinny jeans. It’s puzzling how they even get them off. I’ve come to the conclusion that a razor-blade must be involved.

Get started: Get a pair of pants with a classic straight leg if you’re used to wearing skinny jeans. Don’t toss everything, just push yourself to wear something wider than you’ve worn in the past. This should be a pair you have some fun with. Notice that I didn’t say these pants should be “baggy”. There shouldn’t be any pooling of fabric near your ankles. In my opinion, a wider leg pant looks best with a shorter hem. Leading us to…

Showing ankle

Easily the most popular trend. I don’t care where you are - if you walk into your local mall, I guarantee you’ll see a couple guys rocking this look. The appeal of it is that it’s easy. You don’t need to purchase new items. You can hem a pair of pants you already own, or what many men do is “pinroll” their pants. It’s important to note you’ll need low-cut, no-show socks for this which you should have anyway.

Get started: Pinrolling or cuffing your pants is the easy way to get started. Wear a pair of trainers or loafers and give your jeans or chinos a small turn-up, exposing a bit of ankle. If you’d like to go higher and have the cuff look tighter, learn how to pinroll. You’re done. My preferred look is to hem the pants accordingly and have a couple in rotation. It looks cleaner and requires a touch more effort, making it more stylish.

A word of caution: this look does not suit the heavy set man. If you are fairly overweight, keep those pants covering the ankle.

Tote bags

Another favorite. Men carry their stuff around in many different vessels, but I have yet to find a better daily option than a tote bag. It’s classier than a backpack, but easier going than a briefcase or weekender bag. It’s less out there than the fashion fanny packs kids are wearing, but still gives you an element of modern style. It’s also great to be able to see everything you have by taking a quick peek inside. You can slip things in and out easily as you go about your day.

Get started: Next time you’re running an errand in the city or just need to casually carry around a few personal belongings, opt for the tote bag. Get something cheap on Amazon or support your favorite brand or cause. Sometimes you can get these from museums and annual magazine subscriptions. Canvas is great. Just no plastic.

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