8 Intermediate Style Mistakes (Part 2)


So last week I wrote about some common beginner style mistakes I see a lot and what you can do to fix them. This list is not exhaustive and there is much more to be covered.

This week, I wanted to go a little more in-depth and cover some more style mistakes, particularly for the man that already has a handle on the basics.

Once you've got the fundamentals covered, it's time to really dial in your style. Read on to see more men's style mistakes you should avoid.

1. Wearing a dressier tie with a less-dressy shirt

Just because it's a great tie, doesn't mean it pairs well with everything. A dressier tie, maybe something with some sheen to it made from a high-quality fabric, will not look good on a more muted, oxford button down. 

Make sure you are pairing your ties correctly. You don't offset a more casual shirt by throwing a flashy tie over it. You just end up looking unbalanced as your tie draws too much attention. 


2. Sporting the wrong collar for your face shape

A lot of collars will be standard with a medium spread that will look okay on most men, but since your collar plays such a big part in framing your face, it's a good idea to make sure it is well suited to your unique face shape. 

In general, if you have a longer face, you want to offset that with a wider, spread collar. If your face is a bit wider, you can make it appear longer with a longer, more pointed collar. Here's a chart from BestCustomShirts.Com that you can use. 


3. Rocking high-rise denim

This one is huge for me because I love denim so much. No more "mom" jeans. If your pants are high-waisted enough they are edging your belly button, get them out of your closet now. 

Any extra bulk like this will make your legs appear shorter and make your midsection appear larger, something that is always good to avoid. Swap them for some lower-medium rise denim like these...

4. Wearing ties that are too "loud"

Ties that are bright, shiny and full of pattern come in and out of style. The major problem I have with these ties is that they distract from your face and even the rest of your outfit. The rest of you is now competing with your loud tie.

Instead, keep your ties balanced with the rest of your outfit. They are fine if the rest of your clothing "speaks loudly" as well. Opt for ones that aren't too distracting and have pops of color that work well for you. 


5. Wearing lifeless collars

Since the collar can be a huge asset in the way you face is framed, it's important that they're standing up nicely. Nothing ruins a well put-together outfit like a flat collar. To keep them propped up, have your shirts lightly starched, and utilize collar stays (the plastic or metal tabs that slide into the underside of your shirt's collar).

6. Owning bad underwear

When I am out working with guys, sometimes they'll be surprised I bring up the topic of underwear. I offer encounter "well why does it matter?". Don't be the guy who incorrectly assumes that no one will ever see their underwear. Eventually, someone will, and you should be prepared to pull down your pants and be proud of what you're wearing.

It's also a self-confidence thing. You should feel good about what you're wearing from head to toe. An outfit is only as strong as it's weakest part. Invest in some quality underwear. I'm a big fan of Me Undies and the stuff from Uniqlo. They feel incredible and have a ton of great styles. 

7. Overly dry-cleaning your clothing

Dry cleaning too much means an early death for your clothing. I used to do this a lot because I always wanted what I was wearing to feel as clean as possible. But this isn't necessary and it can ruin the fabric of your garments.

The frequency of your dry cleaner visits will vary based on your industry, how many suits you have and how often you wear them, but for most suits spot cleaning as needed, and taking them to the cleaners around twice a year will suffice. To learn more about dry cleaning, check out this detailed post from The Art of Manliness. 

8. Owning tons of clothing

The upside of having lots of clothing is that you have a lot of options. The downside is that this usually leads to confusion. Instead of having a simple wardrobe where every item works well for them, a lot of guys just keep adding items that are "okay" and end up with a closet that is too complex with too many mediocre options. A lot of women are guilty of this and you'll commonly hear "I just have nothing to wear!" when their closet is overflowing with options. 

Just buy key pieces you know you will wear that look great on you. If it's not as good as your best outfit you currently own, don't buy it. If you haven't worn an item in your closet for a year, toss it out. Really drill everything down and you'll save time getting ready, love what you're wearing, and look great. 

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