The Right Supplements to Beat Anxiety & Depression

Let's get it straight. Your boy knows a thing or two about supplements...

This isn't even everything...

This isn't even everything...



I've always said I could write a book on men's supplements. I really could. I've tried more supplements than I can remember. 


Cause I'm lazy. No joke. Like most people with most things, I'd rather take the path of least resistance and if I can take a few pills to help me improve myself, I'm going to do it.

Most of the supplements I've tried have been have been taken to either look better, or have my brain function better. 

Today we are going to focus on a few of the supplements that I found have helped with anxiety, depression and positive thinking.

I've struggled with anxiety and depression as long as I can remember. Some years it was worse than others. I've tried medication. It wasn't for me. I understand there are some extreme cases that require prescription strength meds but I was determined to do it as naturally as possible.

After years of trial and error, I've finally found the combination that works for me. That's why I wanted to share this. Maybe it will work for you too.

UPDATE: As of 2019, I’m no longer taking many of these things here. I thought about deleting this post, but I still believe they can be very beneficial for many men, I’m just experimenting with different stuff and weeding out what isn’t necessary. These supplements were extremely helpful for me at the time. If you’re curious, I’m currently taking: Vitamin D + K2 / A probiotic multi-vitamin / Magnesium. Back to basics for me.

In order to be on top of our game, our mind needs to be in the right place. It's amazing what you can accomplish with the right mindset. If you want to meet women, get a better job, or just have the motivation to enjoy life, it's imperative we get our mental state aligned with our goals.

Get your head in the right place and everything else will follow.


This has been a personal lifesaver for beating anxiety. Inositol is a chemical compound that can be found in nature, or human made. I first found this stuff from a guy who said it had helped him cure his approach anxiety. That is, it helped him feel less nervous when walking up to a woman to chat

I found this stuff helped me feel less reserved. I was striking up conversations with random people across my life. It became second nature to talk to the barista, the grocery store cashier, or the bartender. I used to feel very reserved in these situations, but without realizing it, I was becoming a charming conversationalist. 

Get Inositol

Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil (NO LONGER RECOMMENDED)

Oils man, oils. They've been proven time and time again to be beneficial for so many things. I mainly took these for the benefits they have on brain function and depression. Omega's in these oils can aid in cognitive enhancement, weight loss, cardiovascular health and fighting anxiety and depression. I use this supplement that has both butter and cod oil. It has great reviews. 

Get Cod Liver/Butter Oil

Vitamin D3

Ah the sunshine vitamin. Im always happier when the sun is shining bright. The family of D vitamins can affect more than 2,000 genes in the body. It's also helpful to note that most people are deficient in vitamin D to some extent. Studies have shown that this vitamin can ward off depression and lead to a better mood. I take a lot of this stuff, sometimes up to 2,000 IU's daily. 

Get vitamin D3


5-HTP is a amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin. Studies show that 5-HTP does help combat depression and is marketed as an over the counter treatment in some countries. I do not use this everyday. Too much and you'll build up your tolerance for it. It's much better to cycle 5-HTP so your body doesn't get accustom to it, thus keeping your natural serotonin levels in check. I actually usually only use this when I'm having a rough day or feel particularly gloomy. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one sounds a little weird, and I'm not sure how much of my anxiety and depression was cured by ACV, but there are plenty of people that claim ACV has lifted their mood and helped calm their anxiety. I started taking it around the same time as some of these other supplements so I can't say for sure what effect it had on my mental health, but the health benefits are fantastic. If you aren't taking this stuff, get on it. 5/5 stars on amazon. People love it, so will you. 


Honorable Mentions

  • N-A-C: N-Acetylcysteine is a powerful amino acid that many claim helped them beat depression and anxiety, along with a host of other mental disorders. It's cheap and you can find many other health writers who sing it's praises. Mike Cernovich, one of my favorite mindset authors, talks about how N-A-C helped him combat metal disorders. This stuff didn't seem to work as well for me, but since so many have had favorable results, I needed to mention it.

Get N-A-C

So there you have it. I still take everything mentioned (minus the N-A-C) and have found that for the first time I can remember, my depression and anxiety is manageable. 

I get what it feels like to be in a rough place mentally. It was really bad for me for a long while. There's another side to life when you're stuck in that place that is impossible to see. Know that you will soon reach that better place, as long as you are taking forward steps to get there.

I hope something here will work for you. 

Much Love,



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