In-depth Online Image Consultations.


If you’re ready to look and feel your best, but don't have the time for an in-person session, this package is for you. This is the most in-depth online consulting you can find. I cover every aspect of your appearance from head to toe, taking into account your image goals, lifestyle, and physical characteristics to cultivate your image and make you as attractive as possible.


This is for you if:

✓ You want actionable, detailed advice on your appearance from an expert to point out exactly where you can make improvements and how to do it.

✓ You ready to develop your personal style. 

✓ You wanted evidence-based solutions to enhance your appearance.

✓ You're ready for unconventional tips and tricks and that you've probably never heard before.

✓ You want to gain confidence in how you look and your ability to pick out outfits.

✓ You want to master the way you shop and know exactly what to look for. 

✓ You want to feel and look your best, knowing you've maximized your appearance. 



Virtual Consultation

You'll Receive:

✓ One 60-minute Skype call

✓ An in-depth analysis of your appearance before your session

✓ Initial thoughts and how you're perceived on your first impression

Facial analysis to show you where your strengths and weaknesses are

✓ The perfect hairstyle recommendation and options for styling your hair type

Facial hair and grooming suggestions & tips

Color analysis to show you your strongest colored clothing, accessories, and combinations

Style assessment using your own images to show you the good and the bad of your outfits

✓ General style suggestions to improve your overall wardrobe

✓ A shopping list of new items

✓ Discussing the right fits, brands, and items for your personal and professional life.

✓ A visual analysis of your shoes, which ones need to go, and what is working well.

Unlimited Email support for 2 weeks

✓ A detailed PDF summary with product links, pictures, markups and other resources

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Hear success stories from some of the guys...


Dan B. 
As an entrepreneur and a self-improvement experimenter, Dan wanted to up his casual look. We dove into the details of his grooming and style to get him looking his best. 

Josh I.
Josh was transitioning industries to a more client facing role, working with high-level leaders in his field. We dove in deep together to mature his look and make him appear credible, while still maintaing his personal style.

Chris D.
Chris is a great guy, but was stuck in a bit of a style rut. He wanted to level up his style day-to-day and make sure he was purchasing the right items for himself. Together, we took a look at what was working and what wasn't to really clean up the edges of his apperance.

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