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If you’re thinking about working with me and you need some help with your appearance, but you’re not sure where to begin, this assessment is for you.

I set aside time regularly to help the guys who come by the site. You’ll have expert advice on what areas of your style & grooming can be improved and I’ll give you tips on how to do it.

Click the button on the bottom of this page. I’ll personally respond to your request and ask for a few images to review. You’ll receive a personalized email back with details on what and how to improve your appearance.

Small request: Please allow me at least a day or two for a response. My time for these has become more limited over the years but I’m still so happy to do this for potential clients.

Talk to you soon.

-Patrick Kenger
Founder of PIVOT

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PS. I saw someone who I helped out with one of these assessments leave this review the other day about this specific process. If you’re curious about what this assessment looks like, give it a read.