The Persona | A New Facebook Group For Self-Improving Gentlemen

In your pursuit of an attractive appearance, there is more to think about than a well-structured haircut, and a closet full of tailored clothing. A well-rounded man not only looks good, but he feels good. He is self-assured and comfortable with his surroundings. He has this internal sense of confidence that puts people around him at ease.

When we see a good-looking person wearing good-looking clothing, we ascribe confident attributes to them. But many times upon further inspection, we realize that the whole thing is an act and we've been fooled. The person is not the self-confident hero we thought he/she was from afar.

  • With only a focus on the external work, you're a beautiful house with a foundation built upon quicksand.

  • With only a focus on the internal work, you have depth but nothing to admire. You're a large iceberg whose tip sits below the surface.

While I focus on the external side of things here, I know that the internal work must be done to create a successful balance.

That's why I, and my friend Timothy Wegner over at the Man Effect, have put together The Persona. A Facebook group for men who want to handle both the internal and the external aspects of their image.

You can expect weekly video chats, Q&A sessions, exclusive group content. Most importantly, there is a supportive network of men just like you.

We're approving people into the group now. If you'd like to join the group, follow the link below and join the conversation. See you there.

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